Exceptional SERVICE and VALUE!

Our purpose is to sell directly from Alchemy’s long term historical wine making teams in France & Spain. Bottling volumes that are collected directly after or as soon as possible after therefore reducing stock holding.

Our distribution network across international markets grows where the Alchemy customer has liked minded values and ideas. They appreciate the Alchemy brand with it’s flexibility and agility. We are aiming to establish long term customer distribution agreements which reward Alchemy and the customer with on going expanding repeat business across multiple international markets.

We wish to enjoy the journey expanding the network with trustworthy customers  who believe in our skills and quality. 

Alun Griffiths Master of Wine-

“Alchemy Wines is a dynamic and innovative wine supplier which works on the basis of forging very close relationships with both customers and suppliers. Key to their success is their flexibility; they work with suppliers who are well versed in the art of creating specific blends for certain customers, tailored to the needs of their markets, and have a wealth of options to offer in terms of labels, closures, packaging and bottle formats.  Such agility is all the more welcome as it is not conditional on massive volumes of individual SKUs. Pricing is highly competitive but this does not come at the expense of quality, as Alchemy is rigorous in its selection of producers with whom to work. Post-sale support is also extremely strong, and correct documentation, vital for export markets, always accurate.

Alchemy Wines is a Company which provides solutions for customers, and works tirelessly in their clients’ best interests”

Jim Williams- Appellation Wine Marketing Canada

“We have seen consistent year over year sales growth with our Alchemy portfolio in Western Canada. David and his team have been extremely responsive to the changing needs of our customers, and have been able to deliver on their commitments. Alchemy has access to quality wine at the right price points.”

For examples of our recent success please click here https://www.alchemywines.co.uk/case-studies/