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Founded in 1998 by Peter Dunne CellarDine is a UK based company dedicated to designing and creating the most innovative wine accessories producing quality product around the "world the world of wine" covering unique items for temperature, aerating/breathing, opening and preserving wine.

Each product has taken many years to develop to ensure we offer our customers the very best in innovation and quality, best sellers include our Rouge 02 wine breathers, Caddyo bottle chillers, ChillCore 3/1 system, Therm Au Rouge red wine sleeve, ZOS wine preserver and a series of stylish gift sets all of which have real "table talking theatre"  theme to bring out the very best bouquet and flavour of your wine. Whether you are looking for a gift, attending an event, wedding, BBQ or entertaining at home the CellarDine collection offers some superb wine accessory related products that compliment your wine all at affordable prices. CellarDine can be found at

Caddyo with swing tag
TAR Anniversary-Set LOW RES