Alchemy Wines Retail

Our purpose is to bring exceptional quality, good value wines from our wine making teams in Central Spain and Southern France to the world. Alchemy offers our customers not only the opportunity to produce their “own” wine by style volume and label, but also the chance to engage directly with the winemaker. Flexibility and agility is key to our growing offering

 We are experienced in all elements of wine making, wine creation, retail / trade and export.  

alchemy | definition of alchemy
“taking something common and turning it into something precious”

~ David Rowledge Founder of Alchemy Wines

Urban dictionary definition

Is a science performed by an alchemist.

It is the art of changing one substance to another.

It’s taking the molecules of a substance apart, rearranging them, and putting them back in a new form creating a new substance.

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What the experts are saying!

-Alun Griffiths (Master of Wine and former head buyer at Berry Bros says about Alchemy) –

“Alchemy Wines is a dynamic and innovative wine supplier which works on the basis of forging very close relationships with both customers and suppliers. Key to their success is their flexibility; they work with suppliers who are well versed in the art of creating specific blends for certain customers, tailored to the needs of their markets, and have a wealth of options to offer in terms of labels, closures, packaging and bottle formats.  Alchemy Wines is a Company which provides solutions for customers, and works tirelessly in their clients’ best interests”

Alchemy’s winemaking partners and collaborations also include, Italy, Australia, Portugal, Germany and the USA. If wines are needed from these additional production countries please make contact. We are constantly looking to develop new concepts in modern packaging, looking to engage with new wine drinkers, in an environmentally friendly fashion. Alchemy will “give something back” as often as we possibly can.