Boris Kovac

Our relationship with Boris our winemaker has been long standing and highly productive- a Serbian oenologist who dreamed of vinifying his own wine, a dream which he has now fulfilled with his domaine.
One of the crucial moments of Vinexpo 2001 was the life changing meeting between Boris and 2 of his future colleagues.
Nestled in Latour de France (Roussillon), overlooking the Agly valley, this jewel of 12 hectares produced grapes for the local cooperative. A sumptuous place, magnificent vineyards, unheard of potential, they had found their promised land ....

The first thing was to find a name for their baby.
An eagle (a Catalan translation of the Agly), symbol of the estate, became the label.

Fernando Castro

A family business, founded in 1850 - then the oldest winery in Castilla la Mancha under the direction of the same family. The Castro family began producing white and red wines from their own grapes on their property in Santa Cruz de Mudela, following the traditional methods of the area. Winegrowers by family tradition, its 380 hectares of vineyards, located around Finca Los Altos, are personally supervised by the Castro Family and are the basis and raw material for their excellent wines.

Currently, two generations of the Castro family work together, with the inestimable support of great professionals who contribute to the production, elaboration, and commercialization of their wines, using their modern and functional facilities.

Since 1895, Bodegas Fernando Castro has been an important winery, thanks to the well-known “Wine Train”, and later through its own transport network.
Castro has an unbeatable geographical situation, being in the center of Spain and nerve center of the Valdepeñas Denomination of Origin.

Fernando Castro Alcarazo, current manager of Bodegas Fernando Castro, took over the winery in 2003. Heir to the experience of 4 generations of winemakers, his style of management exudes pioneering and innovative spirit, combined with his love for the land and passion for good wine. Since then the winery has continued to enhance the quality of the wines, and has been recognized by the most prestigious certifications, including DO Valdepeñas, Tierra de Castilla, BRC and IFS certifications, as well as the recent incorporation to DO La Mancha.

Les Celliers jean d'alibert

Les Celliers Jean d’Alibert is situated in the Rieux-Minervois area, at the foot of the Black Mountains and located in a pine forest surrounded by vineyards, in the heart of the Minervois appellation.
This wine growing area has great diversity of soils and climate across the region as well as many different grape varieties and varying methods of production.
The result of such diversity is the ability to produce many different wine styles that are always authentic and generous.