Case Study One-Canada

One of Alchemy’s key strengths is to travel to a new market, research this market, understand the required taste profiles of the end consumer and work closely with our distribution partners and retailers so as not to undermine the client base.

After launching Masia F Tempranillo into the Vancouver market in 2014 and gaining good traction throughout the Independent outlets – Everything Wine (the largest independent retailed in the area) approached Alchemy to create an exclusive label for them – so as not to undermine the Independent's existing clients base.

Monte Rosso Tempranillo was branded, blended and bottled – with a very slight change to the original Masia F blend. The Monte Rosso proved a success and we created and developed Monte Sparkling to add to the range in 2017. In addition The Everything buying team wanted to test a higher price point red option. Through a number of tastings in Canada and Europe 'The Red' Shiraz was created, using 30% oak within the blend, with a slightly higher alcohol and some additional sweetness to really soften the finish and make it unbelievably approachable. This has been on promotion recently in store and the consumers are enjoying this next step up the quality ladder. At this stage we have another eight blend options (whites, reds and sparkling) sitting with Everything Wine.

Case Study Two- South Africa

In 2007 Alchemy was asked to create a “new proposition” for The Burj al Arab-Dubai, I had been working closely with De Toren, Meerlust, Klein Constantia and Haut Cabriere in South Africa already on a different project. This gave myself and the owners / winemakers at two of these properties an opportunity to really create something unique and special for Peter Huy the Chef Sommelier at the Burj al Arab.

De Toren being the first Stellenbosch winery to specifically plant the five Bordeaux reds varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec and Petit Verdot. A state of the art gravity driven winery was built and named De Toren (Tower in Dutch!) – no harsh pumping, single grape selection, and their attention to detail that was off the scale. Emil den Dulk and Albie Kock are still at the helm of this wonderful winery.

Klein Constantia makes the iconic “Vin de Constance” – Napoleon’s favourite tipple!! Working with winemaker Adam Mason and owner Lowell Jooste (the owner at the time) we blended a stunning Chardonnay that had spent a sensible time in 500 litre Burgundian medium toasted French barrels. The result was a white wine of exceptional intensity for the Burj.

Incognito was chosen to be the name of these wonderful wines.
A very proud achievement for all involved – wines from South Africa, labels printed and sent from France, French oak and a UK based production company Alchemy, putting this unique opportunity together for the only 7* hotel in the world (at the time) in Dubai – a truly international collaboration – where everyone won. These labels were the first to have the agreement that the Burj al Arab’s logo could be used (which alone was not the easiest to negotiate).